Craigslist is a terrific site in many ways. But it has a terrible safety record. While Craigslist has facilitated millions of transactions, not all of them go well. Rip-offs, robberies or rapes related to Craigslist are reported almost every day. And the rate of killings tied in some way to Craigslist is staggering. The list below is not necessarily complete (sadly). We also have broken down the types of killings; how the victims were lured to their deaths, and more. It’s a devastating story.

We highlight these killings only because we believe Craigslist should do much more to promote safety among its users, and because SafeTrade is the best way to stay safe when you’re trading in person through Craigslist or any other Internet site.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

  No.132 Woman Gets 40 Years for Killing Man During Craaigslist Car Sale

June 17, 2021 
Richmond, TX, NV
Victim: Altaf Hussain Malik

 Altaf Hussain Malik went to a Sam's Club parking lot to buy a car advertised on Craigslist by  Delana Nguyen and Terrell Funches. Instead of a sale, the pair stabbed Malik 60 times. Nguyen has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. Funches will go on trial in July.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

No. 131 North Carolina Man Killed During Craigslist Sale of Camaro


November 29, 2020 
Las Vegas, NV
Victim: Triston Stavee

 Tamika Shatavia Ford and Mark Anthony Nelson were arrested after killing Stavee and seriously injuring his grandfather, George Stump, Jr. Stavee and Stump met the couple with $4000 to buy the car. Instead of a sale, they were beaten and shot.

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No. 130 Couple used Craigslist ad to steal car and kill victim


March 30, 2020 
Las Vegas, NV
Victim: Hector Menendez-Hernandez

Tonya Dillard and Jacob Berkovitz were arrested and charged with 4 felony counts: murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery, after carrying out their plan using sex to lure a victim, kill him, and steal his car. 

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No. 129 Defrocked priest met suspected killer on Craigslist

April 4, 2019 
Las Vegas, NV
Victim: John Capparelli

Derrick DeCosta was arrested and charged with murder and robbery, each with a deadly weapon. DeCosta responded to Caparrelli's post on Craigslist seeking young men to wrestle. Capparelli was defrocked in New Jersey after he was, "credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors."

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Monday, April 30, 2018

No. 127/128 Two killed in gun sale advertised on Craigslist

April 18, 2018 
Norman, OK
Victims: Alize Ramon Smith and Jarron Keonte Moreland

Bretty Boettler was charged with first-degree murder and Kevin Boettler and Johnny Barker were arrested as accessories  in the murders of Smith and Moreland.  The victims met the trio in a food store parking lot for a gun sale arranged on Craigslist. 

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No. 126 Man killed for posing as a woman for sex in Craigslist ad

March 7, 2018 
Orange County, KY
Victim: Francesco “Joey” Bonomolo

 Adam Anthony Ingala-Whiting is accused of stabbing Bonomolo after discovering Bonomolo was a man.  Whiting went to  Bonomolo's apartment after responding to a Craigslist ad for a man to join a woman and her boyfriend for a threesome.
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No. 125 Man charged in fulfilling requested hit advertised on Craigslist

November 7, 2016
Hardin County, KY

Victim: Kimberly Mayberger

Paul Ellefritz, of Radcliff, KKentucky was sentenced to death for the stabbing murder of his roommate, Kimberly Mayberger 48. Ellefritz met Mayberger through an ad on Craigslist.