Craigslist is a terrific site in many ways. But it has a terrible safety record. While Craigslist has facilitated millions of transactions, not all of them go well. Rip-offs, robberies or rapes related to Craigslist are reported almost every day. And the rate of killings tied in some way to Craigslist is staggering. The list below is not necessarily complete (sadly). We also have broken down the types of killings; how the victims were lured to their deaths, and more. It’s a devastating story.

We highlight these killings only because we believe Craigslist should do much more to promote safety among its users, and because SafeTrade is the best way to stay safe when you’re trading in person through Craigslist or any other Internet site.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

No. 113: 2 people shot, 1 killed after Craigslist cellphone sale turns into robbery gone wrong

No. 113: 2 people shot, 1 killed after Craigslist cellphone sale turns into robbery gone wrong

No. 113
May, 2017
Harris County, Texas
Victims: Unidentified

Two people were shot and one was killed May 24 after they tried to rob two people during a Craigslist cellphone sale in Harris County, Texas.
Harris County deputies said two buyers met with two sellers to buy a cellphone around 9:30 p.m. along Highway 6 near Clay Road. The men were talking inside a vehicle when two people were shot. One person later was pronounced dead at a hospital.
Deputies believe the men who were shot were trying to rob the sellers and the sellers were defending themselves
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No. 112: Man charged with killing man who stole motorcycle after Craigslist deal

No. 112
May, 2017
Greenville County, S.C.
Victim: Steven Russell Ridenour

A Lyman man is charged with running over and killing another man who stile his motorcycle after a Craigslist transaction, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office.

Riddle NoNowell Harrison Riddle told authorities that a man took his motorcycle for a test drive after respondoing to a Craigslist ad and never returned. Later, Riddle called deputies again and said he saw a man riding his stolen motorcycle and was following him.
Riddle told deputies that he followed the motorcycle to a gas station, where he collided with the motorcycle with his car as the motorcyclist tried to get away. The motorcyclist, Steven Russell Ridenour, 36, of Greer, died at the scene.
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No. 111:  Three held in murder of Kansas man lured by Craigslist

No. 111
April, 2017
Kansas City, Mo.
Victim: Michael Luckey
Three people are charged in the stabbing death of a Kansas man who was lured to Kansas City by a Craigslist ad.
The body of Michael Luckey, 28, of Osawatomie, Kan., was found April 5 near an abandoned home in south Kansas City.
Tayelor Fitzpatrick, 20, of Quenemo, Kan., and Micah Dozier and Larry Wren III, boith 18 from Kansas City, Mo., face first-degree murder and and three other charges.
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